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    LEONARDO – 50 inch G & J Lines


Model No 21 c 1925 – POA

Leonardo is a huge 50 inch tall G & J Lines Model 21 rocking horse made in England c1925 and fully restored in November 2011. His top coat was sanded back to existing gesso, filled where necessary, ears retipped, because of damage sustained when he was shipped out from England. All leg joints were checked and strengthened to ensure they will be sound for many years to come. He is beautifully presented with artwork and harness as close as possible to how he would have originally been when he left G & J Lines’ workshop. His stand has also been fully pulled down sanded back and revarnished, original brackets and swing arms cleaned back and painted. Brackets are marked “4 over G & J LLD over L” see photo. The original screws in the cross arms on the base of the stand were salvaged, all rust removed, polished and sealed before being placed back into the stand. One pillar spigot was replaced and rewedged, as it had been damaged in a previous restoration. The other pillar spigot is in excellent original condition, being a wooden screw, it threaded back into the base and cross arms and tighten up very well.
Leonardo’s English saddle has been restitched, with the girth and stirrup straps reconditioned, new keepers made and adjusted as required. Although his saddle is detachable is has been secured to the horse for safety. He has been reharnessed with a combination of English and Australian bridle leather. The stirrups are heavy quality English riding stirrups and have been polished and sealed to keep them in excellent order. Leonardo has a grey horse hair mane tail and forelocked been finished off with a purple saddle cloth and purple rosettes.
Leonardo doesn’t have a saddle block making him a rare and an unusual horse. He is also a quality horse with beautiful presence and although collectable, is also sound and ready for a new generation of children to get joy from. If you require any more photos I’d be happy to supply them.

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